Berrichon Du Cher


The Berrichon du Cher breed originates from the Cher department of France.

Physical Characteristics:

Sheep of this breed are of medium size. They are generally white in color and have a round body structure. Their heads are small and round, and their ears are rectangular.

Meat Quality:

The Berrichon du Cher breed is known for its high meat quality. With a well-developed muscle structure, these sheep are preferred for meat production.

Milk Yield:

While the primary focus of this breed is meat production, they also have milk yield, although it is lower compared to some other dairy breeds.

Fertility and Lambing:

Berrichon du Cher sheep typically have a high fertility rate. They are good mothers and usually give birth to single lambs.

Adaptation Ability:

This breed has a good ability to adapt to different climates and environmental conditions.

Feeding and Care:

Balanced nutrition and regular care are necessary for healthy growth.

Genetic Importance:

Due to both meat quality and high fertility rate, the Berrichon du Cher breed holds genetic significance.


Under proper care, Berrichon du Cher sheep usually live between 7 to 10 years.


The main use of this breed is meat production. Additionally, it can provide milk yield, although some other breeds excel in this aspect.

Technical Data:

  • Body Weight: 70-90 kg (Female), 100-130 kg (Male)
  • Wool Yield: Moderate amount, with meat production usually prioritized
  • Fertility: Typically gives birth to 1-2 lambs
  • Meat Yield: High

The Berrichon du Cher sheep breed is significant due to its meat quality and fertility capabilities. It serves both meat and milk production purposes.