The Simmental cattle breed is a type of cattle commonly raised for both meat and milk production. This breed is known for its various characteristics and capabilities.

Physical Characteristics:

Simmental cattle are generally large and muscular. They can be either solid-colored or red and white. Their body structures are sturdy and resilient. Horns are typically long and curved.

Meat Quality:

The Simmental breed is a preferred type for meat production. Their muscle structure and meat ratio are quite good, resulting in generally high meat quality.

Milk Yield:

Simmental cattle can also be valuable for milk production. However, their milk yield might not be as high as other dairy-focused breeds.

Fertility and Calving:

Simmental cattle have a good fertility rate. Due to their natural body structure, calving is usually uncomplicated.

Adaptation Ability:

The Simmental breed is known for its ability to adapt to various climate conditions and environmental factors. They can be comfortably raised in different geographical regions.

Feeding and Care:

Healthy feeding and regular veterinary care are important for the optimal performance of Simmental cattle. Balanced nutrition and proper care have positive effects on meat and milk production.

Genetic Significance:

The Simmental breed plays a significant role in providing genetic diversity and quality. It contributes to the development of other breeds and the transfer of its own distinctive traits.


Simmental cattle generally live between 10 and 15 years. Under healthy conditions, this lifespan can be extended.


The Simmental breed is raised for both meat and milk production. It holds a valuable role in both the meat and dairy industries.

Technical Data:

  • Adult Male Weight: Between 1000 and 1400 kilograms
  • Adult Female Weight: Between 600 and 800 kilograms
  • Color: Solid-colored or red and white
  • Meat Quality: High meat quality
  • Milk Yield: Moderate milk yield
  • Fertility: Good fertility
  • Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
  • Adaptation Ability: Ability to adapt to different environmental conditions
  • Uses: Meat and milk production

The Simmental cattle breed is a cattle type that plays a valuable role in both meat and milk production. With its durability, adaptation ability, and quality products, it holds a significant place among cattle breeds.