Tent Setups

ApexEurasia offers a wide range of products, including specially designed large tent accessories and optional solutions to meet your needs. These solutions, produced by our expert technical teams in modern facilities, are presented to you by combining fair pricing policies and turnkey services.

These products, designed without compromising our total quality approach, offer cost-effective and easy installation options that can quickly adapt to the changing world. Offering a wide range of products from customizable sizes and heavy-duty weather-resistant materials to fabric and steel construction, we provide you with the best solutions.

ApexEurasia offers special tent systems designed to meet various needs with its extensive product range. Solutions for various application areas such as livestock tents, disaster tents, military tents, industrial tents, construction site tents, and sports tents are specially designed by our expert design team and produced in our modern facilities.

Livestock Tents:

We offer customizable tent solutions for livestock farming businesses, providing a comfortable environment for raising animals.

Disaster Tents:

Durable tents that can be quickly set up for emergencies are ideal for providing assistance in disaster areas.

Military Tents:

Tents specially designed for military operations are used for military personnel accommodation and supporting operations.

Industrial Tents:

Provides solutions for industrial enterprises in need of large spaces for storage, production, or business processes.

Construction Site Tents:

Used to provide site offices, dining halls, and storage areas for construction projects.

Sports Tents:

Customizable tents for sports events are used in areas like tennis courts.

These various tent systems are carefully designed to adapt to changing needs and provide customized solutions to customers. These tents, produced in our modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, meet high-quality standards and durability.

Durable Steel-Structured Tents

Steel-structured tents offer a fast and practical solution. They are easy to transport and install, with the option to add hinged or sliding doors based on your needs. This versatility makes them a preferred choice in the transportation sector. Additionally, they find widespread use in construction and factory sites.

These steel constructions are suitable for various purposes, such as sports fields, event venues, or locations requiring storage space. Their durability allows for the addition of insulation, making them adaptable to different weather conditions, including strong winds and rain.

Steel tents provide an economical and resilient solution. The protective coating on their steel framework enhances resistance to corrosion. All these features help maintain competitive steel tent prices.

ApexEurasia’s expert design team is here to provide you with the most suitable project. Experienced architects and engineers offer solution-oriented services. ApexEurasia is committed to meeting all your needs and delivering durable steel tents.

Tent Accessories:

Tent accessories allow you to customize your tent areas to meet corporate requirements. Both customizable and durable, Başboğa tents help you create spaces in the size and type you desire.


  • Foldable (electronic) side facades (Especially used in sports facilities during the summer season to create natural air circulation and provide a fresh indoor environment.)
  • Glass, steel, or plastic panel side facades
  • Manual or electronic cargo and hangar doors
  • Sliding doors on rails