The Suffolk sheep breed originates from the Suffolk region of England.

Physical Characteristics:

The sheep of this breed are of medium size and muscular. They are typically black in color with a white spot on their face. Their heads are round and flat.

Meat Quality:

Suffolk sheep have high meat quality. Due to their muscle structure and meat yield, they are a preferred meat breed.

Milk Yield:

Given that the focus is usually on meat production, milk yield is at a lower level.

Fertility and Lambing:

Sheep of this breed have high fertility. They usually give birth to a single lamb.

Adaptation Ability:

Suffolk sheep can adapt well to different climates and environmental conditions.

Feeding and Care:

Balanced feeding and regular care are necessary for healthy growth.

Genetic Importance:

Due to their high meat quality and fertility abilities, the Suffolk breed holds genetic importance.


Under proper care, Suffolk sheep usually live between 6 to 10 years.

Areas of Use:

The primary purpose of this breed is meat production. However, wool yield can also be considered.

Technical Data:

  • Body Weight: 80-110 kg (Female), 100-160 kg (Male)
  • Wool Yield: Medium level, meat production is usually prioritized
  • Fertility: They usually give birth to a single lamb
  • Meat Yield: High

The Suffolk sheep breed is known for its high meat quality and fertility abilities. It is used for both meat and wool production purposes.